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Find Your True Creative Voice!

I offer a range of creative options where you or your team can relax, have fun, explore and enjoy the experience of creating artwork freely.


I have extensive experience working in the Private Sector facilitating Team Building events for large organisations and have also designed and delivered Intuitive Art Workshops to small groups and individuals.


You will experience how expression through art can help to inspire; build trust and confidence within your workforce and explore new fun ways to support individual mental health.


I offer online one-to-one or small group intuitive art making sessions - a great way to start your journey as you find easy ways to unlock your own creativity!


You may wish to add something memorable to your party or family event through one-off collaborative group events which can be delivered at your home or online where party guests produce a collaborative piece of artwork. This is a lovely fun event which is perfect for gatherings of any kind. Collaborative Intuitive Art sessions are a great way to create lasting memories.


I am also available to provide Personal Mentoring which is designed to help you to identify things you want to change (or achieve) in life but are not sure how. I will guide you through a tried and tested planning and decision making process, which will move you closer to achieving your dreams!


A selection of my artwork is available for sale below.

Corporate Team Building

Tailored to suit your needs

An original giant painting challenge, where the whole group has to work as one to create the ultimate piece of art. A unique approach to team building, making it the ideal workshop for your team.

Terrys Paintings0001_edited_edited.jpg

Team Building with a difference!

Inspire your Team!

A call for passion, innovation, and artistic creativity can be realised in this informative, fun and totally unique artistic event that aims to unlock your team's artistic talent and imagination, while having a lot of fun along the way!
Working on one large painting with a range of different art materials, the team will be encouraged to create a work of art. The team will combine their skills and creativity to produce the final installation. The final result will prove to be a remarkable piece of art. The team will create something to be proud of and they will have all played a key part in its creation.
When the artwork is completed, it can be mounted in the office so that the experience is not forgotten.


Unlock Your Creativity!

This series of sessions  take place once a week for a set period (usually 6 weeks) and are aimed at those with an interest in intuitive expression. Ideally there will be a maximum of  8 participants at any one time, this will allow time for everyone to receive some personal attention. This series of participatory workshops will provide the opportunity for participants to relax, have fun, and discover and enjoy the many benefits of creating artwork intuitively, in an open, freeing environment without self-criticism or analysis.


Discover your own true creative self!

Absolutely no talent or art experience is required – it’s about layering. Intuitive art is a spiritual, connected art process that allows the art to lead the way as images form through the layers of paint and a variety of other media – it’s a great way to get creative. We will use a range of techniques, which can be used to help participants to express themselves artistically.

Collaborative Art

Looking for something different?  Guarantee your guests have an enjoyable, fun and memorable experience at your party or family gathering.


Private Parties and Functions

Working on one large painting, your guests will be encouraged to create a unique and original piece of art. Using a range of different art materials your guests will combine their skills and creativity to produce a remarkable piece of collaborative intuitive art.
They will create something to be proud of as they will have all played an essential role in its creation.
When the artwork is completed, it can be mounted and will provide a wonderful memorial of your event/gathering.

Art for Sale

A range of my limited edition prints and original paintings are available and can be purchased here using the link below.


Fine Prints and Original Paintings

For Sale

Information regarding pricing, specification and postage options are available at the link below.

My Journey

The story so far....

In 2016 I experienced a significant personal bereavement.

At the time I managed a number of disability services across several locations in Cork and Kerry – but really needed to focus on my family. My two boys were taking their final school exams.

Before I made my move I met a recruitment consultant and subsequently carried out a personality test. My 2 main strengths were People skills and Creativity skills - but I guess I already knew that!

Music Therapy looked like the obvious choice for me but the course was too far away and I did need to maintain a stable home life for the lads during the Leaving Cert.

I decided to give Art Therapy a go (I assumed some of the skills would be transferrable) and enrolled for an introductory course. This was my first experience of visual art. It changed my life. Creating visual art  has taken over the music, my life even!

During the principles of Art Therapy course (do it!) at the Crawford College of Art in Cork I first tried creating art or mark making intuitively. It was sometimes challenging to create a visual image on paper but the more I stopped thinking about it, the easier it flowed. It was an amazing experience for me.

What I’m particularly drawn to is the fact that you don’t need talent or art experience to do it! We can all do it!

If we want to.....

Moody Roots

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!"

Tra Mantaray