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My Art Process

Spread the Word!

I don’t paint all day everyday but try to as often as possible. Sometimes spending a short time – just getting another layer down – other times a little longer.

It’s like an immediate release for me – I find it liberating to let go.

My process is all about layering and letting the painting take you where it wants.

Strange as it may seem, I get really excited at the prospect of not knowing where I will end up! It gives me a great sense of achievement and fulfillment bringing something new into the world - something that didn’t exist before!

It’s a really empowering process!

To start, I like to clear my mind as much as possible and allow my intuition to take over. I choose colours which I’m particularly drawn to first and apply paint directly from the tube onto the canvas. Once I have an array of colours (and not necessarily ones I’d choose) I like to use a small sponge to cover the canvas.

I sometimes work directly onto wet paint – but usually I like to let it dry a bit first – depends on the mood.

Then I’m straight in with the second layer, depending on how I feel at the time. I try to make marks and be as free and childlike as possible – sometimes using my hands to paint with! I use a variety of media – acrylic paint, charcoal, pastels and gelatos. I like to spray water to encourage the paint to move around the canvas – leaving beautiful patterns.

I usually spend some time looking at the painting in between layers but it’s usually fatal to start thinking about what to do next.

If I find myself falling into that trap I have to be bold with my next layer – which often means that the painting takes a whole new direction.

Integral to my process, I like to photograph the different stages a painting goes through. It’s often very surprising when you look back and see how a painting emerged.

One of the hardest things is knowing when a painting is finished.  My rule is simple, I keep going until I like the end result.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t see things in my work – but I don’t take the self-analysis seriously at all. People can see what they want in my art. 

The process is very therapeutic – so I guess it is informal art therapy! Well it’s good for me. It’s helped me to gain confidence, to grow as a person, find my way through major changes in my life  and made me a lot happier and more content with who I am (work in progress! Haha!).

Which is why I’m spreading the word!

Whilst I haven’t had any formal art training (and I could argue that this is a good thing) apart from The Principles of Art Therapy certificate and the Art in Group Facilitation certificate, I have watched lots of informative videos on Intuitive Expression on the internet. In particular I have been inspired by Mellie Test  and Matthias Bork Matthias has been a great influence on me and I recommend watching a few of his videos as a way to kick start your own process or journey. I'm a particular fan of Pierre Bonnard, Picasso, Lowry and Hockney!

Terry x

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