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Workshop Plan

There's a few options on the table;

1. Large Group Workshops in a set location,  where individuals work on their own pieces of art;

2. Small Group and Individual  Workshops at my beautiful home in Lissarda, County Cork;

1. Large Group Workshops

The Centre

Please note this is a “one off” series of workshops and is not written with a particular client group in mind. It will be open to members of the public and subsequently I will be identifying an appropriate space, which will be warm, bright and accessible.

The group will be closed and will run for 5 one and a half hour workshops.

These workshops could be adapted and used with people who are working together or in the same field. Team building or stress management at work.

The Group

The group will be closed and sessions will take place one morning a week over 5 weeks. It will be aimed at those with an interest in intuitive expression. There will be a maximum of  8 participants at any one time, this will allow time for everyone to receive some personal attention. Before the first session I will be discussing with each participant any specific requirements they may have i.e. access issues, any physical challenges. It is envisaged that there will be no requirement for special assistance although if required, this can be arranged.

The Space

This series of workshops will be run in a warm, bright room with plenty of natural light. It will be self-contained with adequate clean up/toilet facilities (including a sink) and storage available. It will be held in an accessible location with adequate parking space.


This series of participatory workshops will provide the opportunity to relax, have fun and explore and enjoy the many benefits of creating artwork intuitively, in an open, freeing environment without self-criticism or analysis. I have practiced Intuitive Expression for the past 2 years and it has helped me greatly from a mental health, healing and confidence building point of view. I now wish to share these benefits and inspire others to get interested in intuitive art and learn new skills.


Each participant will:

  • Discover a range of techniques which can be used to express oneself creatively through art and mark-making

  • Unlock their own creativity in an open, freeing environment without self-criticism or analysis

  • Experience the freedom associated with free child-like expression

  • Understand the benefits of Intuitive Expression

  • Build greater self-confidence

Session Plan

Absolutely no talent or art experience is required.   Participants will sample a range of mixed art media including acrylics, charcoal, colour pastels and collage. Non artists will discover the joy and many benefits of intuitive expression.

The group will be guided through a range of different processes, which will encourage childlike spontaneous expression, using their own original artistic voices.

Through this enriching and empowering approach participants will see how expression through art can help to manage their own stress levels. There will be no analysis, and a philosophy of “art is personal – beauty is in the eye of the beholder” will be fostered.

A series of ground rules will be agreed in the first session and will include; Health & Safety – duty of (self) care, confidentiality only share what you want, clothing – what to bring.

Sessions will be designed to facilitate simplicity, variety, relevant sequencing and pacing with an emphasis on making art as opposed to listening to the facilitator. Relaxation exercises and lots of fun will also feature in order to get into a positive space from which to create freely.


Music – Playlist

Black and White - charcoal

Colour – acrylic paint

Colour – pastels

Collage – magazines

Paper roll & Canvas x 6/8

Charcoal & fixative

Brushes, water containers & palettes



2. Small Group Workshops and Individual Intuitive Art sessions set in my home;

For those who would prefer to work individually or in groups of three to four maximum. For further information, please contact me directly using the "Let's Chat!" box .

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