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A Unique Team Building Experience

What you can expect?

Strong communication among people of diverse backgrounds and work styles is vital to successful organizations. Art can assist in improving workplace relations across your organisation!

Your Team will produce an original giant painting, where the group works as one to create the ultimate piece of art which will grace  your reception area or staff canteen, it’s a unique and fun approach to team building, making it the ideal workshop for your team.

Team Building workshops  usually take place on-site, however it is possible to use an external venue, however this will impact on the overall cost of the workshop.

Workshops are hands-on, last two hours (to include clean up – but sessions can be longer if required) for a group of co-workers/colleagues.

These workshops provide an excellent opportunity to improve group communications and enhance relationships.

They are also perfect for encouraging interaction in any kind of group: within divisions and organisation-wide.

It’s a great way to involve everybody – working together to produce a beautiful piece of collaborative art.

Absolutely no previous art experience is required of participants.

Sessions can be tailored to suit your needs.

As the Team engage in this art making process they will:

  • Learn and get to know each other.

  • Increase group communication.

  • Enhance relationships.

  • Have Fun

I will supply all materials.

Included in the price of this package, you will be presented with a unique framed piece of art which will instill a sense of pride in all that were part of it's creation.

I have substantial Group work experience and have managed and developed Corporate Strategic Plans for a number of country-wide organisations. My C.V. is available on request. I have recently completed the Art & Group Facilitation Certificate at the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork.

To discuss your requirements please contact me using the Let's Chat! box below.

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